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(14 FEBRERO 2024)

12th Train Airway Trainer (TAT) Course by EAMS

Valencia, ADEIT, miércoles 14 de Febrero 2024

Curso sobre metodología docente aplicada a la vía aérea.

OBJETIVO: Formación de docentes para la enseñanza de la vía aérea

FECHA:  14 de Febrero 2024 


INSCRIPCIÓN: Para realizar la inscripción al curso TaT debe enviar un breve texto indicando sus datos profesionales, CV muy resumido con su práctica docente y la motivación para realizar este curso, al mail: (Asunto: CURSO TAT). Tras la aceptación y pago de la matrícula se le dará acceso a la parte online (e-learning).

La inscripción se formalizará mediante transferencia bancaria a nombre de “CURSO TAT”, indicando en CONCEPTO: NOMBRE DEL ALUMNO. 

Nos deberá enviar una fotocopia de la transferencia bancaria al mail anteriormente indicado.

Banco Bilbao Vizcaya (BBVA), sucursal en Avda Primado Reig 72, 46010, Valencia. Los 20 dígitos son: 

ES12 0182 0509 8102 0858 1367,

Para transferencias desde el extranjero:

I.B.A.N: ES12 0182 0509 8102 0858 1367



ACREDITACIÓN asistencia con diploma europeo (EAMS).

PLAZAS muy limitadas.

“Airway management is one of the core competencies in anaesthesiology, critical care and emergency medicine. These airway management skills cannot be taught through books or lectures. Critical care physicians mostly teach the establishment of a patent airway in the busy clinical environment of a hospital. Very often without formal teaching program. Therefore, EAMS created the TAT-course aiming at these teaching clinicians as the main target population to foster airway training on modern didactic background. Most airway teaching happens during clinical encounters, some clinicians teach during airway courses. TAT will address that too.

The EAMS TAT course follows modern didactic principles. The flipped classroom concept provides time for preparation and acquisition of knowledge on teaching. On-site learning will happened due to practice, discussion, rehearsal, and collegial exchange in small groups and plenary discussions. To transfer the learned into the participants’ teaching practice fostering long term effect a post-course assignment needs to be fulfilled to achieve the EAMS-Airway Teacher certificate.

The course program covers approach to teach airway management: for adult learners, facilitation of complex psychomotor skills and human factors, debriefing, effective feedback and assessment of learners, and the praxis of teaching airway management. Pre-course reading and post-course assignments deepens the learning success.

The EAMS TAT Faculty are experienced airway teacher specially trained in education during the EAMS TAT Master Class.

The vision of the EAMS TAT course is to introduce medical education to increase teaching competencies in airway skills teaching, inhuman factors teaching improving leadership and team performance.

The general goals of the EAMS TAT course are to amplify the teaching tool-box of the clinical teachers in airway management, to discuss and learn new approaches to teach effectively in the busy clinical environment by fostering collegial exchange between the participants”

Professor Robert Greif

Past President European Airway Management Society (EAMS)


La Dirección de los Cursos FIDIVA.

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